XLR Industries Evolution rifle chassis

Check these new stocks out made for both Savage and Remington Rifles:




XLR Industries Evolution rifle chassis


Remington 700 vs. Savage 10FP

Remington 700 vs. Savage 10FP?

“The Savage’s have allowed me the satisfaction of building my own rifles (as much as possible). If you like to work on rifles and don’t have a lathe, Savage may be a good choice for you. The ability to change from magnum to standard cartridges (and back again), is a definite plus”

“I have a few Remingtons, such as my 700 SPS Tactical, and I like them very much, but lately, I have been buying allot of savages, they are really coming up in quality. I can’t say that my Remingtons are heads above the Savage, both are very nice.”

“I have a 110 tactical in 308 with the new acu-trigger.It cant be beat. I will put it up against most any rem.It shoots sub MOA at 200yds. The stock on the savage sucks it works just fine but is light and weak for what it is,as such the choat stock sucks to.but McMillan makes savage stocks and they just about bring the price of the rifle to that of a rem700. Get the savage.”

“I’ve  got a couple of Savage rifles and they are hard to beat. They shoot a heck of a lot better then I do. Their stocks as stated could be better, but there are quite a few aftermarket stocks that can fix that. For the money they are about the best thing going for rifles IMHO. Plus the fact that you can swap a barrel out in less half an hour is nice.”

“Having shot both professionally, the Savage is by far the more accurate out of the box. There are more aftermarket parts for the Remington but you’ll have to sink a bunch into the Remington to get it beyond where you can take the Savage.”

“I very enthusiastically cast my vote in favor of the Savage rifles. Very consistent.”

“Having both, rem 700 in 300wm and 2 savs, 308 in a 10fp and 270 in a 110g, the savs were more accurate OOTB. The rem is my fav to shoot but it took a bit of work to get it there. Trigger, bedding, ported and breaking in the bolt, ect. If you didn’t want to spend the time/cash, get the sav. JMHO”

“For out of the box accuracy, I would lean toward the Savage. Also, Savage did have an issue with flimsy synthetic stocks but have since rectified that problem with a stiffer one and also a newly developed bedding system. Considering these new features, would make me want the Savage even more. Especially since I have 5 already that shoot fantastically.”

“I have both. The Savage 110 is hands down more accurate in my case; however, I don’t hunt with it due to the crappy feel of the stock. The 700fits me better, and therefore downs the deer for me.”

“I like vanilla ice cream, new york strip steaks,ford trucks, cessna light airplanes, mossy oak camo and Savage 110′s better than Remingtons 700′s.”

“I have both, and prefer the Savage 10FP. All of my Savage 10/110′s have been awesome shooters, and most are “pre accu trigger”. Great rifles for the money, but you can’t go wrong with a 700 either!”

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