domain for sale

For $2500 you can purchase the domain name

I built this site to chronicle my Savage 308 tactical rifle build and why I picked Savage over other .308 rifles on the market but I found I just don’t have the time to work on it.

savage 308 is for sale

Who might want to buy this domain name?

  • Savage Rifles as an advertising method to showcase their .308 line-up.
  • Anyone selling parts for Savage Rifles.
  • Anyone building custom Savage .308 rifles for sale.
  • Someone wishing to create a Savage 308 Community page. claims the domain name is worth $18,676 but I’d be happy with a lot Less. The first $2500 gets it.

This site ranks #2 on Google  right behind the Savage Manufacturers site for keywords pertaining to “Savage 308 and Savage308″

If you are interested in purchasing this domain name please contact me at
Payment can be made with paypal and I will transfer ownership of the domain name as soon as payment is verified.

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